BugAlien™ Best Bug Catcher Ever!

BugAlien- Best Bug Catcher Ever!


Who knew a big chomping mouth, such a natural concept, would turn out to be the best bug catcher ever ?!

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MISSION:  Invade Earth, check out life, and set it free. If bugs aren’t your thing, don’t worry, these snapping jaws still equal pure fun all day long! Swoop in on action figures, collect & inspect tiny treasures, grab your sister’s feet, or just bite up everything in sight! With sparkling looks and beaming personality, BugAlien – The Best Bug Catcher Ever – captivates every age, every time!

BugAlien in Retail Packaging 



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Technical Specs: 

Material: High grade poly-carbonate plastic. (the stuff space helmets are made from)

General Dimensions: (Roughly the size of a large orange) Length 4.8 inches; Width 3.54 inches; Height 2.44 inches; Weight: 2.3 ounces.



BugAlien – Best Bug Catcher Ever – Design Features:

100% Made in the USA: Right down to the packaging and spring. EVERYTHING is made in the USA.  See the companies in the right hand column.

Powerful Magnification: The top of BugAlien is designed with a high quality bi-convex magnifying lens. Engineered for optimum power using lens equation mathematics, this lens can perform!

Beveled inner lips: This critical design element safeguards the insect from injury when picked up from a flat surface.

Zinc plated torsion spring: Exhaustive testing along with advanced spring calculators were used to engineer the perfect feel and torsion involved with BugAlien’s snapping motion.

Stack-ability: The rim around the magnifying lens fits perfectly into the groove on the bottom of another BugAlien. This stacking feature allows multiple BugAliens to be stacked one upon another much like soda cans.

Air holes: We’ve increased the size of air holes to provide plenty of ventilation without allowing the insect to escape prematurely.

Lens scratch protection: A small space has been designed between the apex of the magnifying lens and the outer rim. This prevents direct contact between the lens and table top, sidewalk, or other flat surface should BugAlien be placed upside down.



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