About Us

How it all started.

In 1986 my Dad invented a toy bug catcher that was simple in concept but profound in use. It appealed to children of all ages as well as adults.

My siblings and I played for endless hours with Dad’s prototypes which he coined “Little Buggers.” Dad would build them in the garage from different parts he could gather.

Giant bumble bees and gnarly spiders were suddenly larger than life, and available for close inspection. My mom still uses one today to extract unwanted insects from the house unharmed.

Dad had a few thousand manufactured. He sold every one, save a dozen or so which we held on to for posterity. Looking dated, but still functioning perfectly, after 25 years these antiques still provide enjoyment; only now to my children.

A new Bug Catcher for a new generation.

Israella, BugAlien & Brownie

Watching my kids play with “Little Bugger” inspired me to design an updated version; one that could meet the demands and expectations of today’s consumer.

After years of my own design work, we chose industrial designer and mechanical engineer Bryan Falk of Arizona Ideaworks to take the best features of my design and engineer BugAlien into a product that could be manufactured.

In  2012 we selected 4Front Manufacturing in Phoenix AZ to build the plastic injection mold and produce BugAlien. The mold which cost as much as a brand new Honda Accord was completed in December 2012 and the first production run began in early January 2013. While the mold was under construction we ran a successful Kickstarter.com campaign where we pre-sold about 600 BugAliens to RAVE review.

Our business plan is centered around specialty shops.  We also want to reach out to the entomological community. We are working on many ideas for design variations, different tints, future editions, complimentary products, and establishing a brand.

Now you know the story! We hope you will consider ordering your very own sparkling new BugAliens today, and become part of an epic entomological family dream that for decades was talked about at the dinner table, but now stands ready to come alive!

Thank you!

Nick & Erin Sulkowski.